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I have a few images featured in an upcoming exhibition in Atlanta! See you all there!!

I have a few images featured in an upcoming exhibition in Atlanta! See you all there!!

A little experimenting with bad print… 

A little experimenting with bad print… 

Experimenting with albumen printing. I have really responded to this process!!! It’s pretty involved and I definitely need to practice in order to get better at my technique, but I cannot wait to see where this takes me and my work! 

The series on memory continues! 

Worldwide Pinhole Day 2014 was April 27th! Here are a few of my contributions. The one on the top right was actually taken by my fiancé. —His first experiments with alternative and historical photography. SO PROUD! The bottom images are of the 4x5 I converted into a pinhole camera for the day. 

My students really enjoyed themselves as well, check out our gallery on the official Worldwide Pinhole Day website: Here!

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They have started a fund raiser to get the money they need to help heal Boss. Let’s show our support and give what we can. If you don’t have the funds, please share his story so as many people as possible can hear about him.

WE CAN DO THIS!! Boss needs us right now, lets combine our resources and save his leg!

Just a couple images for the fun of having some double exposures of us. 

Memory of a moment in time and the factual event are oftentimes fragmented and out of focus. This duality triggers an emotional response that ultimately develops into our personal history. As time passes we remember events differently upon reflection; we peel away layers searching for a truth. Our memories are grounded in truth but the falsehood within our recollection blurs this line and becomes lost somewhere in a realm of fiction.

Events and memories blend together the same way these images blend together, as an incoherent gaze into my past while still acknowledging my present. They display an external visual of perception intertwined with the people and places I experience. Who we are is fundamentally made up of a collection of our experiences. This disjointed collection of my experiences is expressed visually through double exposures and surreal hues.

In displaying these images through projections, one is invited to superimpose themselves within the compositions on and around them. While these images directly represent my experiences, the projection allows my memory to blend with that of another. These silhouettes represent an internal view without showing self. Like memory, these transient shadows are not tangible, just as the projections are not tangible; they are both there and not there.

Memory of a moment in time and the factual event are oftentimes contrasting and out of focus. As time passes, either because of additional insight or disregarding details, we perceive a moment differently upon reflection. Moments in time have a tendency to blend together and mold into something entirely different. I am very interested in exploring this duality within memory.

Here is a look into my latest work. I’m stepping into the realm of color film. It’s actually been quite refreshing.